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  1. Nope you still can not rearrange your notebooks simple. I did found a work around but it needs some work, you need to number your note books (see below) 1.Inbox 2.Personal 3.Work Automatically they do not arrange in the right order to make the notebooks arrange in the right order you first have to create a notebook stack (drag them on top of each other) and them drag them one by one out of the stack (drag them out of the stack on top of the main folder "Notebooks". When you have done that with all notebooks they are arranged in the right order. Success
  2. I have been puzzling because i wanted to arrange my notebooks also and actually found something that actually works (in the windows desktop version). Number the notebooks in the order you want them to appear Exampel 1. Inbox 2. MyStuff 3. OtherStuff And so on, nothing happens yet they still stay in the original order. The trick is to make stacks and after that you remove the notebooks out of the stack again by dragging them into the "Notebooks" folder and now they reappear as notebooks in the "Notebooks" folder but in the order you numbered them.
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