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  1. Hello. New to Evernote. I have a laptop (Win7) and an Ipad On my IPAD I installed Evernote and used an email address let's say : xxxxx@1and1.com. I logged onto my laptop and installed Evernote desktop. Turns out I had it installed once before and it had email address 1234@1and1.com. My thinking (right or wrong) is that I needed both platforms to have same email because I thought that Evernote used the email address to keep platforms synced. When I tried to change the Evernote desktop to email xxxx@1and1.com I get error that the email address is already in use. Well... that shoots the hell out of my theory about how syncing works. Can someone tell my how Evernote connects a user across platforms? I certainly have gotten myself confused and several Google searches to find out what Evernote uses to sync platforms came up with nil. Thanks in advance Jake
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