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  1. 1. Yes, this still happens, despite Chrome now version Version 51.0.2704.106, and after moving to a new Laptop with Windows 10. 2. On a related note, A web-cli[pping that looks OK gets garbled ina similar fashion (overlapping text) when I try to so simple formatting. e.g. I clip this http://wangcong.org/2012/10/20/an-overview-of-openvswitch-implementation/ as an article, then try to formatg the first C-Style data-structure as code using "Format/Style/Code Block' (ore even try to manually get the lines to have less of a spacing between the items inside the structure - I delete the white-space at the end of the line, then type a SHIFT-RETURN - 3rd line overlaps 4th or if I first create a single-line of all items and then tyoe RETURNS the items overlap the ending '};' ...
  2. I am getting garbled output (overlapping text, and can't edit it to clear ) when clipping pages from LWN.NET (for example trying to clip this: https://lwn.net/Articles/667059/) on both Chrome and IE (tough they are garbled in different ways). I tried Clippinhg as a Simplified article - yet new way to get it wrong. (see below for a sample) The result is not even easily edited into a clear form, as some items refuse to be moved out of the way ... "simplify formatting" seems to help, but it loses a lot of the information I'd like to keep. I am using Clipper , Chrome version 49.0. 2623 and IE11 on a windows 7/64 bit HP laptop. Any help/advice? Michael
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