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  1. I'm fairly new to serious Evernote usage, so this may be a silly, pie-in-the-sky question, but I was just wanting to know exactly what Evernote means when they say there's a "100,000 tag limit". It's a bit hard to explain, so let's use a hypothetical scenario: I go to my completely empty tag list, and create 3 tags, "article", "book", and "movie". I now have 3 named categories of tags on my account. I then go and tag 4 notes with "article", 7 with "book", and 3 with "movie", for a total of 14 usages of tags on my account. In that case, what is the 100,000 tag limit referring to? Can I create 99,997 more named categories of tags, and apply them infinitely to as many notes as I want? Or, regardless of how many named categories I set up, am I only allowed to make 99,986 more individual usages of tags across my notes?
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