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  1. I just accidentally did this in Evernote on Mac v6.6 (453323). I typed ``` then hit enter and it gave me this: I was then able to type code into the box. Note, it seems if you're font is already set to a monospace font it won't work, it also won't work if you type it while indented more than one level in a bullet. I haven't figured out how to specify code highlighting or anything. I had a hard time finding anything official that mentioned this update. After looking for a while, I found this post that introduces it as a beta feature in v6.5 for Mac: Even though I have v6.6 for Mac, I can't find a post that announces its release or gives more clarifying details as to how the feature works. UPDATE: I'm keeping that line even though the post DOES exist, it just seems that searching the forums kind of sucks. Google found it for me, though: But again, no mention of the feature or how to use it. I'm happy that Evernote is going in this direction and I have high hopes it will keep getting better. What it needs now is code highlighting and it would also be great to enable in-line code snippets with single back tick, like in markdown, even if it was only an option you had to enable in preferences/settings. Also, it looks like this is coming in Evernote for Windows v6, which is in beta right now:
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