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  1. This image is super ugly, it's draws up too much attention, too much bad contrast to the dark theme.... Please remove it.
  2. The same thing happens to me too. Tried clean uninstall reinstall. What's the solution?
  3. Thanks guys for your suggestions. I'd liked to try out these work arounds. I think it's because my day time working PC has Windows 7 installed, it's lack of some nice features that Mac version provides...
  4. And, for me, I'd keep 99% of my notes private until it's necessary to share with someone else then I'll make it sharable. So, pretty much the public note link doesn't help me, sorry.
  5. Thanks. I do see the note link in the file menu and the right click menu on the note. However, it's not obvious, that's probably I didn't notice. Maybe it's just my own opinion, the way I tend to use it is more like highlight the word while I'm writing or editing a note, and see an option for adding a "notelink", and give me a selection of existing notes I can link to... This leaves me still in context of writing a note without leaving the current note as well as giving me option to name the link differently than the note's title. An another good thing to have is a back and forward button whic
  6. Hi, I've been using evernote for more than 5 years. It's great experiences and helped me to remember everything. Since I'm seeing a lot of non-essential features coming along these year. I always felt that there is one important feature that is missing to me while I'm using Evernote. What I need is: a way to add a internal "reference link" when I'm editing a note of some sort which direct me from one note to another note but NOT to the web URL (which is already exist). So that I can quickly find related notes and maybe using a forward backward button to jump back and forth to navigate through
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