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  1. Windows 10 - 32 bit - 10.7.6 - still blank screen despite using all the work arounds. Please fix this Evernote or at least be honest as to what the issue is (older laptops 32 bit ??).
  2. I had the same problem with 10.4.4 - blank screen except for File Edit View Note etc ... tabs. I then Uninstalled / Reinstalled - still got a blank screen after signing in. After a while I then got a message “Sorry we are having trouble loading Evernote” - Like WTWrm9 I left it 15 mins and then clicked the ‘Reload Evernote’ tab and it then gave me a success message and started loading my 769 notes. I run Windows 10 Pro 32 bit
  3. PS - I tried to upload a 35.7 kb screen shot and its keeps saying "You are only allowed to upload 501.76kb. OK" .... Why is this messenger software preventing me uploading a valid file?
  4. Where this annoying prompt goes horribly wrong is that you cannot just choose the basic option ...(See CCLEANER for the ideal way to operate this type of reminder model). Just leaving the basic option blank and setting the reminder to come up time and time again makes me think a whole lot less of Evernote. THIS NEEDS FIXING !!!
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