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  1. Evernote does not give a ship/t about Android users. They just barely tolerate Windows users. If you're not using an Apple product you're really not serious.
  2. Thanks. That's what I thought. I use that left panel extensively and it annoys me that real estate on it is taken up by something that should be configurable.
  3. I don't/won't use this function, but it's always there and I can't find any way to hide it. Is this another one of Evernote's commandments -- Thou Shalt Use This or Else.
  4. Are you sure you are in the Android app? There is no Tools tab in Android.
  5. In the Android app the left column starts with All Notes with Notebooks beneath it. When Notebooks in the left column is tapped, on the right side appear all the notebooks beginning with the three most recent notebooks accessed. What this thread is about is that there is no option to show/hide recent notebooks. Fully half the right column is taken up by these recently accessed notebooks. For me, this is an unnecessary distraction and I just want to see my notebooks in the same order as they would be on the windows program. I don't use the Windows app.
  6. If there were 10,000 "ups" Evernote would still not take this seriously. Tablet apps are just a nuisance to them.
  7. Is there any way to remove the list of recent notebooks when tapping on the Notebooks icon? It just takes up space and I never use it.
  8. I've just started using note links and find it very useful. However, the pasted link shows up in a green font, but I already use a green font for another purpose. I find that I can change the color of the font manually, but that adds another finicky step to the process. Why is it a green font and can I change it?
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