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  1. Same problem here. I even made something like custom "navigation icon bars" in header/footer of the notes for my frequently used ones (table+icons+hyperlinks) or for navigation between notes with hierarchical structure... now useless I was forced to add some text (with hyperlink) under those pictures, but it's not as cool as the old feature :-/
  2. We can attach (shift+K) a hyperlink to any picture object pasted in a Note and edit it with ctr+shift+K. The problem is (after last update) right-clicking on the picture (with hyperlink) doesn't call that hyperlink anymore, just the blue frame is highlighted. "mouse-over" activate the 3 icons (anotate, view and rotate) and thats it... no picture-hyperlinking :-/
  3. Well, I'am scared to death After updating to 5.9.9 my image hyperlinks doesn't work any more. Tried even the beta 6.0.2 with the same result What's even more scary, nobody is complainig.. or at least I can't find any trace of it All my "Icon-navigation-bars" for quick switching between frequently used Notes are now useless
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