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  1. I'd like to suggest something regarding search. I think the amount of time between when something is entered and when the search takes place should be configurable. For example, if I type "tag:project" and want to continue typing to add "my great project", the search begins working before I stop typing and locks up the UI. I think that's likely what some have complained about regarding the search being "slow." It's not slow, but it starts searching too quickly. I'd like to be to adjust it. I think it shouldn't start searching until typing has stopped for about 1 second, but other users might want a shorter or longer amount of time. I'd suggest configuring the time amount in milliseconds. Fantastic product. Love the update. Thanks, Scott Hatfield
  2. The delete under edit only deletes content. There used to be an option to delete the note from the "note" menu. It's also missing from the right-click menu. Happened after the most recent update. Can't understand why in the world it was removed.
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