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  1. Thanks for the much needed help all of you! What I'm specifically wondering is if it's possible to keep using 7.14 (EN for Mac) and install the new app side-by-side to see whether or not I want to start using it? Or will 7.14 (most likely?) disappear as soon as I install the new app and then I need to go back and install the Legacy App? Any reason to stick with 7.14 and not trust Legacy in the same way I trust 7.14? My iOS experience after the update has been completely awful so far so I'm very reluctant to just blindly update the desktop app on a whim - my Evernote workflow that's 10 years in the making is at stake here... And everyone referring to the Legacy Version - my understanding is that Legacy is just an interim solution during the transition to the inevitable New Evernote, and not a more permanent alternative...? How long are you expecting Legacy to be around?
  2. Exact same issue, I can either copy just the link without any additional information at all or I can have all the fancy imagery shown by the OP but without any way to play/start/take me to the video whatsoever! On my phone the capture process has to be streamlined or I’ll won’t capture nearly everything I would like to.
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