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  1. I'm fairly new to Evernotes and have been reading through the forums to try and work out how to best use it for my situation. 

    My main use will be to organize the things I do at home/leisure plus keep all the documents that I seem to need to keep my life running. So I made a list of things that I think I want to organize:

    • Things I do - Webclips, Project Notes, todo lists ect
    1. Fishing
    2. IT/Electronics Stuff
    3. Sailing/Kayaking
    4. Carvaning
    5. Gardening
    6. Woodwork/Metalwork
    7. Home Repairs/Improvements
    8. Holiday Planning


    • Documents - Stuff I want to keep/track/refer to
    1. Copies of important documents like insurance, wills, certificates etc
    2. Tax related documents
    3. Bank statements/Superanuation
    4. Receipts and Warranty info for stuff I buy
    5. Manuals for Stuff I buy
    6. Bills & Subscriptions

    So in terms of Notebooks and tags, I was thinking of having three Notebooks

    • Inbox
    • Things I do
    • Important Documents

    And then create a heap of tags for everything.  But I will be manning using an iPad to manage all this and from what I can tell, having too many tags on iOS will make things a bit hard to manage.

    Any recommendations on how I should tackle this?

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