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  1. Hi, I just started using your jump2link windows app & it allows me to perform internal note linking that was sorely needed in Evernote.Desktop It works great! Would it be possible to change one step in you're program? Instead of scrolling down to the "destination link", Could you insert the cursor at that location following the "header link", The problem is in Evernote the cursor remains at the jump link after a edit. This would save time and confusion. Thanks for your effort.!
  2. I love Evernote and use it extensively everyday. One key feature I would like to use in Evernote is the ability create or link words or tags within a note You highlight a word or phrase or create a tag to link to another topic within the same note. A simple example is a TOC or table of contents within a note linking details in the note with related details in the same note. I know I can create another note but then I end up with to many notes. Jumping around between notes is counterproductive when you are creating research notes with many links. Every time I create a note, I end up searching online to see if this is possible. Please seriously consider this since you already have the know how to do this with your copy a note link feature. Thanks, RG
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