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  1. riverstorm: thank you, saved my day. In Windows: menu Tools/Options, tab Note, uncheck "Automatically detect lists and lines" My problem: I have a note where I jot down something, typically one line every working day. The note spans a whole year like this: January 1. 2. ... With auto-numbered-lists, it is: 1. very uncomfortable to skip weekends (practically, I get a new numbered list every week) 2. today (after an Evernote update) all my weeks looked like 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. (all lists(=weeks for me) were reformatted to begin with 1.) Now I unchecked the auto list feature, and will rewrite this year's note from January till April. rrrggggghhhhhhh.... Edit: In release this setting is gone. No way to prevent Evernote to treat all numbers as list markers??? Evernote Corporation, ... Taking notes often means simple formatting. Or no formatting at all. It's just NOTES.
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