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  1. Just adding my voice in case numbers count. I've just submitted a support request to have the 'feature' removed. My guess is that their marketing department doesn't realize that annoying users does not help them make money.
  2. Nothing new here except that I wanted to add my voice to the call to restore this (ability to modify application behavior using preferences) functionality. I've always thought of Evernote as a product for people whose note taking requirements exceed what other software such as MS Word can provide. To me this implies a reasonably tech-savvy user. If this change in direction is deliberate, it seems to indicate that Evernote is moving down-market tech-savviness-wise. I hope this thread and perhaps others will convince them to reverse course. If not, I'll be checking out the alternatives mentioned
  3. Hi. Pretty new to EvernNote and absolutely loving it for the most part. That said, table editing and formatting is pretty much abysmal. Basic things such as the editing features mentioned above would be a very nice add. Currently I'm exporting notes, editing the table layout in a text editor and then re-importing just to do basic formatting and any editing more demanding than typing in a cell. Required Features Select entire row or column. Copy and Paste entire row or column. Nice to Have Drag and drop re-arrangement of cells, rows and columns. Editing of
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