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  1. What is irritating is that Evernote hasn't done anything at all on the new interface to make it better. Not even slight changes that should be easy to implement. The user can't adjust the width of the note list, for example. The text size in the note list is unnecessarily large and space-wasting, with an entire additional line dedicated just to when the note was last created or modified. Something simple under view options allowing the user to eliminate the date last modified and change the text size would be good VIew options [ ] Show images [ ] show text [ ] show date last modified Text size? [1 to 20] The Evernote team doesn't seem at all interested to devote a small amount of time to make simple basic incremental improvements in the web app that users are requesting. Why the heck should anyone pay for their Plus or Premium membership when they don't seem to respond to customers other than with generic "please continue commenting" posts? Yes, there is the ability to switch to the classic interface, but on smaller screens the new web interface actually users the space better in some ways; also, switching to the classic interface is a ridiculous hassle, while Evernote has made switching to the new interface a simple button click from the main page.
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