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  1. Alternatives for us Mac-based Markdown lovers: online and on the Mac would Marxico do the job while MWeb has clients for both. Both also can be interfaces for a proper output of Files into other formats/print AFAIK.

    That is until Evernote FINALLY enables easy MD-based Markdown in their App. Man, this can't be THAT hard? Dropbox, Bear, DayOne, Notebooks, Quiver all come up with wonderful solutions, only Evernote is not able to do this. The only thing keeping me from doing everything in the app...

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  2. the pdf export is fine if you want to simply archive the data. I would be interested in a workflow to generate one note per day entry from the journal.

    Dayone has several export options: pdf, json, html and text. Does anyone have a suggestion to achieve the above with one of these options?

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