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  1. Hello, I have a filter so any e-mails with attachments get sent to Evernote, so I can easily search within the attached PDFs. But I don't want these emails to automatically go to my default folder. I want them to automatically go to a folder called "EMail". Anyone figure out how to do this? Key is automatically - I don't want to have to put @email at the end of each subject line and forward manually. Thanks
  2. Hello, I am a loyal Evernote user. At this time, I am a "Plus" subscriber. That means I'm playing for the platform. As a "Plus" user, I am subjected to a huge notice at the top of Evernote (I use the desktop version on a Mac) telling me to "complete" my upgrade to Evernote Premium. I've already cancelled this notice once; it's back. There is also an "Upgrade" button on my menu toolbar that I can't remove. Are you kidding me? I pay for this service, and I have to navigate through intrusive, unprofessional ads for a version that I don't need nor want? Seriously considering ditching the platform. Does this tick anyone else off?
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