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  1. OK, so basically I'm using notebook: "Notebook" any: created:week-1 updated:week-1 to search for notes updated or created within the last week in the notebook "Notebook". Problem is that Evernote iOS 10.0.4 automatically puts notebook:"Notebook" outside of the search box with a blue filter tag with a close ("x") button on it. After several searches I've concluded that the any statement ("OR" statement) applies (erroneously) to all of the terms – INCLUDING the notebook:"Notebook" , The Evernote search syntax states it's better to put the notebook: argument FIRST and subsequently the search then searches this notebook for any note created or updated during the last week. What happens is that Evernote iOS 10.0.4 makes the notebook argument part of the any (OR) statement – so it becomes any notes updated or created last week AND all notes in "Notebook" (any note updated last week OR created last week OR in "Notebook" – instead of: in "Notebook" any note updated last week OR created last week) this is erroneous. The (Mac) desktop app searches correctly for any notes in "Notebook" that has been updated or created during the last week. I haven't found a workaround, but ultimately this a bug that needs to be fixed. Does anyone have a workaround solution?
  2. Trying to search all notes updated or created within last week with this search: any: created:week-1 updated:week-1 It’s been working beautifully for years but produces random results with Evernote iOS 10.0.3. It works on the Mac desktop as intended. I don’t even know what iOS 10.0.3 searches for as there are about 4 times as many notes in the search result as in the correct search result (on the desktop). Results that include notes not updated for months! I’ve also tried: any: created:day-7 updated:day-7, but with similar erroneous search results.
  3. Yeah, I voted a couple of years back on this thread – hence my new post today (a reminder of sorts). I don't understand though how a 15min developer job to create a shortcut is of lesser priority since it is consistently within the top 10 most upvoted feature requests?
  4. Why hasn't this been implemented for yeaaaaaaars despite feature requests? Anyone who uses Evernote more than occasionally (let's say, beyond clipping random pancake recipes) accesses the reminder function a dozen times a day. Reminders transform Evernote from a note pad into a project organisation tool. A shortcut would literally save me minutes every day. There must be some (technical? practical?) explanation (beyond lack of interest for the need power/premium users) behind Evernote's reluctance to create this shortcut – I think power users deserve at least a motivation.
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