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  1. Love your setup. I will use your guidelines. Please, publish more images. Thanks
  2. When navigating on notes on the app, one should always have available on the 3 dots menu the following buttons: Go to ALL NOTES Go to the NOTEBOOK of the actual note Android mobile
  3. Use this; Link to download version 8.8.1 https://androidapksfree.com/evernote/com-evernote/download-old/evernote-8-8-1-1082393/
  4. Yeeeeeesssss, it worked for me too. Installed 8.8.1 using your link. Problem is gone. Hope Evernote fix this problem very soon. It is annoying. Thanks a lot.
  5. It takes at least 1 minute for the app to respond when opening any note on my Android phone. It takes same time for the app to react when push the create new note button. I reinstalled the app. The problem vanished. After an hour or so, the lags started again.
  6. Since last update the search feature is no working.
  7. Is there a similar app for android users?
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