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  1. I’m having the same issue after updating to iOS 11 release, every time I try to annotate a PDF it crashes, reinstalling didn’t work. Any other ideas ?
  2. Hello Guys, I recently started using evernote for work, I have a personal premium account and I didn't want to download all my personal stuff to my work pc, I don't want to use evernote web because it doesn't has the useful features the PC version do, so I tough I will create a new basic account under work email, create notebooks in my personal account and share it, so I have the benefit of large upload limit from my personal account and not sharing everything in the work account easy right? I did that and I started to have some issues, I hope you can help me with I cannot tag in the shared account, not even with already used tags coming from the personal account in evernote PC app, but ironically if I clip a note from my email work using the Outlook EV clipper and tag the note while clipping it works ! I have few shared notebooks, when I move notes from one to the next the tags [shared from personal] disappear !! If a tag is removed from a note [like what happened when I moved notes from shared notebooks to another shared notebooks], so what do I do, I tag it in the premium account again but for some reason the does not show in the shared note ?!! This is the most annoying one, above issues I can work around by tagging and moving notes in the web apps but I couldn't figure what to do about this ? Is there a better way or a work around these limitations ? Thanks for your comments and help
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