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  1. As business users, we would love to be able to archive emails into notebooks for our clients. Presently, when we move emails into Evernote, no matter by which means (direct email, or any of the various plugins like Office 365 or Google Apps), the created date of the note does not match the actual date of the email. And there is no way to sort by the actual date of the email. Thus, unless we move the email over contemporaneously, it has the wrong date on the resulting note. For this reason, we cannot adopt company-wide Evernote as a repository for client-related emails. Two possible solutions: 1. Give us the option to set the created date of the note to be equal to the set or received date of the email 2. Create a new column to sort by that is tied directly to the email date. If you are adding new columns, add one for sender and recipient too. Note that Mail Butler currently uses option 1 for their solution, but it only works on OSX. Web users and Microsoft users are out of luck. It is also a pretty pricey solution.
  2. This is exactly what I would like also: 1. Forward email to evernote 2. Tell Evernote to use the sent date in the email as the created date in Evernote. Currently, MailButler will do this with a (pricey) plugin for MacMail. I cannot find a solution for Outlook (win or mac), Google Mail or Office365.
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