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  1. Oh, that's awesome. Thanks @DTLow! I was hoping for it to work like that. Being one to tread carefully, here's what I ended up doing (on the work computer): quit Evernote cd "Library/Group Containers/Q79WDW8YH9.com.evernote.Evernote/CoreNote/accounts/www.evernote.com" mv 31183258 ~/evernote-delete-me-31183258 start up Evernote; check everything out; looks good! cd ; rm -rf evernote-delete-me-31183258 (then, realized, a more secure delete would have been better - next time I would use the -P flag) Thanks, everyone! My problem is solved.
  2. Thanks @PinkElephant I do have access to both personal and work computers (laptops). But the other assumption isn't quite true. I admittedly have a complex setup. Two Evernote accounts, personal and work, each associated with their corresponding email. I already share a few notebooks from my work account to my personal account, so I can work from either computer. But the personal notebooks on my personal account are meant to never be on my work computer, obviously. During an Evernote upgrade on my work computer, I got logged out. The problem started with I inadvertently logged into m
  3. Hi, this is great. I navigated with Terminal to the same location (parent of, actually) and I see two folders, the currently used one, and a second account. You see, I had accidentally logged into my personal Evernote account on my work computer, then realized it several days later, and only later logged out. But the damage was already done, and copies of my personal notes still exist on my work computer. I see the two sub-folders (all digits) in my .../CoreNote/accounts/www.evernote.com folder, one being the active, work-related account that I'd like to keep. The other being the personal file
  4. I agree, this feature would be extremely useful for me for laptop, desktop, and phone, Android in my case. This is especially true for the phone use-case. I tend toward journal-like writing in a top-down manner. To make matters worse, I often sync between more than one device (e.g., working on both laptop & desktop back and forth)—a sync on the "receiving end" auto-scrolls back to the top. So, for long notes, I'm forever scrolling and scrolling down to the bottom. I accept that bottom-up notes would "fix" this for me, but that creates a new problem—bottom-up does not work for me. How would
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