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  1. I now set my laptop & my Note 4 to automatically sync at the shortest time allowable. I'm also getting into the habit of pressing F9 on my laptop (Dell) to sync manually. Finding the "Sync" command on both devices is crucial, as is utilizing any software program. You simply must learn how to use it.
  2. Worth reposting. Kind of like "Saving" your work very often throughout the writing process = no lost work.
  3. How do I determine which is the "latest & greatest" note? By date? By content? I often make hefty changes within a note, go a month before looking at "them" again, and then wonder which Note is the one I desire. This is extremely frustrating since my work involves changing the world. I simply don't have the time nor the patience of dealing with this problem. I chose Evernote because they seemed to be the best. I will leave them and find a competitor who is willing to not have these type issues.
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