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  1. please people I am willing to donate money for this it is very important to me ill send you money via PayPal
  2. works amazing can you make all of the attached pictures and pdf inside the notes to transfer to? this will be wonderful
  3. I hope I'll find a way Or I'll just stay with Apple notes and that's it
  4. the problem is that it doesn't import as folders and it doesn't import the attached files in the notes so it is a waste for me
  5. I was a paying customer of Evernote until you upgraded your iOS app and all came down to trash. I moved to apple notes and I am fairly satisfied although I've made a backup copy on evernote OSX app and then I've transferred all my notes as the same order And it kept the folder three intact Today I am planning to go back to Evernote but I cancan't find a way to transfer all my notes as I did with Apple notes There is no way even from your own backup to keep the folders intact Can you help me with that? ill be happy to start paying you again but only if this
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