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  1. Thank you Annah for the update. I can confirm that this update has now landed in the store and I am using it. I am delighted to say that there have been significant improvements to annotation which is sigh of relief to many. I will say though, sadly, it still isn't great. In comparison to the sketch note tool (I know you have stated these are separate pieces of code) it still doesn't compare. There is still occasionally a delay in the first contact of the Apple Pencil. Also I am not a fan of the app straightening/smoothing the edges of my handwriting the way it does, it stops fluent writi
  2. Okay this is beyond a joke... considering annotating PDFs is a large part of going premium, in fact a lead selling point, you really are really letting the app down. I would go as far as to say misleading buyers. I am exhausted of Evernote rolling out slight new changes to pointless things on the App when they ignore the crucial issues - like this. It is so so frustrating. You now have increased your prices and yet fail to offer any more value to the customer which is the number one rule in business when increasing prices. Secondly Evernote fail to support key apps such as Penultimate. Th
  3. Within Penultimate, there is no way to draw shapes accurately. The only way to draw a straight line in the app is to get a physical ruler and risk scratching your screen in the process. Although I like the simplicity of the app, not providing basic drawing tools or shapes is a little weak. ...also please fix the lasso tool not working in how it doesn't always select all the drawn material drawn around. iPad Pro with Apple Pencil user
  4. This is happening to me - quite frankly frustrating and like you it makes the app so difficult to use productively.
  5. Regarding Note taking, the app Penultimate could be suffice for most note taking. Although extremely limited in comparison to Notability (an app I also use), at least Penultimate syncs with Evernote (Although in a non intuitive way) natively. But regarding pdf annotation - quite frankly the fact you can't use handwriting is absurd. The apple pencil support for annotation is non-existent due to an inherent lag in drawing the lines. So yes, Penultimate (from Evernote) may be suffice for most of your note taking needs, however pdf mark ups in Evernote just isn't happening... yet.
  6. It has been a while now, can any Evernote team members comment on this? It really is something that is very disappointing and damaging to my productivity given how much energy and time I have invested in making Evernote my primary source of pdf/note storage. The addition of the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro should be music to Evernote's ears given the potential it has to make users all that bit more productive and efficient. So far I am yet to see, beyond split view, any such advancements. I am both pleased and sad to hear that it isn't just me experiencing these frustrating bugs regardi
  7. I fully support this post. I have experienced the same issue as you have. I do hope that someone has a solution for this as it makes annotating documents impossible which is incredibly disappointing. I have emailed the support team regarding this and all they could offer was to delete and reinstall the app. Which did not work.
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