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  1. @amanda_h, You are AWESOME! I thought of using the 3rd email immediately AFTER deactivating the &^%! account. I reactivated using your link and all is well now. Again, thank you so much!!! I love evernote!!! DeannaD
  2. Please help! I somehow have 2 evernote accounts. One (email1) full of great stuff and the other (email2) empty. I tried to switch over to email2, but I can't make evernote "let go" of that email's account. There are instructions on the site that don't work. I tried to deactivate (big mistake) but it still ties up my email and I can't even log in anymore. I've read that if I contact Evernote support they can completely delete my account, but I cant find any working email for free support. Any ideas?
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