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  1. I use Evernote a lot for confidential information, eg: my note for performance review. If the last note I had before closing evernote app is a secret one, the next day when I open it it will show the same note. This is very inconvenient if somebody happen to be looking at my screen. I'd like a feature where I can get evernote to show nothing when it the app first starts. Currently my workaround is to create a blank note and ensure I remember to switch it there before I close the app
  2. I love Evernote web for simplicity, not having to worry about install / update, not having to switch out from my browser. However keyboard shortcut / hotkeys are totally lacking compared to the desktop app. Please implement equivalent set of shortcuts. I often make confidential & private notes. I quickly open evernote, find my note, dump the info and close it immediately. Using shortcuts will make my work much faster.
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