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  1. Scannable/Evernote App for iOS: An easier way to scan long documents. I usually scan receipts and some of them get pretty long and hard to get a good pic. If there was a way to scan it in parts and have it automatically stitched together. Scannable/Evernote App for iOS: Also, a way to scan in multiple documents at once but yet saved as individual pages in whatever app or cloud service you use. A lot of my documents I want to scan at once but I want it automatically backed up as individual pages in one click. Currently, I either have to scan and save each individual document or scan all of them in at once and select each one at a time. I don't always want multipage documents for every group of documents I scan. Evernote App iOS: The selection process when it finds a document, make the green rectangle darker to see it better. Sometimes its hard to tell if it found the document or not on screen.
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