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  1. Hi, DTLow would you care show us then how you did that?
  2. These would be definitely be a game changer for Evernote. Make note taking agnostic to the desktop windows 10 or Mac. Tough to develop but very powerful.
  3. Hi Evernote, First of all, I love this product and while its native application is fully featured there are situation where you are not allowed to use such application in an enterprise environment for very obvious reasons. But it allowed for note taking and other power stuff like managing your thought process. One of the challenges I have is when the tag I have grown into a number that finding them manually to click take a while that searching for it make better sense. So I would like to ask if opening my search tags to a new tab could be added as a feature. This subtle feature is powerful that it will make my life so much easier, it reduces the number of clicks as I will that first tab as my search tab for tags and rest are notes or items I will working on. Thank you and more power. Cyrus
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