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    Forum Digest: December '20

    1. I actually like the changes in UX. Dark mode is superb. Before it was just too much white space. Old Evernote version looked like some kind legacy JAVA project. Now it looks modern and inviting. I understand the benefit of leaving old interface, some products are famous for that such as Corel Draw but the old Evernote's interface needed a serious overhaul.

    2. About the cost, its a commercial product and not Wikipedia. The benefits of Evernote are much greater than the cost. Evernote is not in the game of selling user's data so the free version is major benefit.

    3. My own issue is partial support for RTL languages but Evernote never stated that it supports this feature. So in some cases I just write in English (its my third language, you probably guessed that with my grammatical errors).

    4. The current speed of updates is really fast compared to the past.

    5. Yep, some features are gone but I see that they coming back in new version. I guess some will never come back but hey its life.

    In conclusion, Evernote good job.

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