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  1. Ummm.... never mind. It started working again this morning after almost a week of not working. Don't know if there was some type of technical issue or not but now it works. Sorry for the bandwidth.
  2. Hello, I've been a Plus user for many years. I use Windows 10 for desktop If I create a new note on Android phone aby using the camera icon, I can snap a picture of a receipt for example. I thought that if I did that the text in the receipt would be searchable. So if I had a receipt with many items, one of which would be "Oil Filter" for example, I would be able to search for Oil or Filter and find what size filter I bought last time. The receipt may have many items on it so I don't want to put in this info in the title, or add text or have hundreds of tags for every different item
  3. I think I've read about this before but don't know if there is a solution. The Web Clipper dialogue that says: "Like this Page? Save it" and other text with a "Clip it" button keep showing up at various times and I have no idea what makes it open. I've attached a screenshot of it. It randomly shows up. Can be using the browser for a long time looking at many pages and then all of a sudden it will show up. Then it will not show up for a while and then show up again. It is annoying and gets in the way of the page you are reading. I'm using Safari on the Mac. Can it be d
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