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  1. In development editors and environments II do not want Evernote responding to the shortcut keys I have defined in the Shortcuts section of the Evernote Preferences because I bind them within the application. Many applications that bind shortcuts that act outside of the application provide a mechanism for listing applications in which the shortcuts do not apply. I really need this feature to be added to Evernote, and I am very surprised it is not there already.
  2. How do i locate a notebook? I can find it, which allows me to open it to see its notes, but I don't see any way to see where it is in my notebook arrangement once I clear the search box. I am looking for a notebook which isn't where it belongs, but the only way I know to find it is to laboriously expand all the notebooks in sequence looking for the one I want.
  3. I just installed El Capitan and the latest Evernote Web Clipper for Safari. I am disturbed to see that my favorite option — I think it was called "Simple Page", but I don't remember — is either gone or embedded in some other option. Where is that functionality? I can't believe it would have been removed.
  4. I too want to create a new notebook from the clipper. What's worse than that this feature is missing is that when I added a new notebook in the application it doesn't show up in the notebook choices in the clipper. [Safari 6.2.8, OS X 10.8,5, Evernote for Mac 6.0.16] (I haven't tried it, but I am assuming it will show up when I quit Safari and open it again.)
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