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  1. I would like for there to be a business card template. Meaning, after a photo of a business card is taken, the wonderful note that is made with fields and the card image. It would make a fantastic basic CRM tool if I could just START with that as a template. I'd happily enter things manually if it were even an option. (You can't even duplicate the note and edit it.)
  2. This was the response I received from support: I responded with, OK so ADD that option, not take away options. Whoever ASKED for a list view doesn't have over 100 notebooks spanning a decade as I do.
  3. I've just downgraded to 6.11. Lets see how long it takes before something breaks from age!
  4. If I'm going to fight with a list view, I'm going to do it for free, not $69 a year.
  5. I am due to renew my 9th year of Evernote premium. This single column view is going to make me use everything I can in my Google Suite instead of paying for this horrid layout.
  6. Hello everyone! I am starting to use Evernote as a kind of CRM and I am wanting to create a template that looks like what Scannable creates when scanning a business card. I don't always have a business card of a person so I wanted to just have it on hand to create a new person. It is not as simple as duplicating one person over and over as it seems that I don't have a card scan where ALL of the fields have shown up in the scan. Any suggestions?
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