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  1. There is no real time collaboration. And I cannot see any announcement, that this flaw will be fixed in short time. I used Evernote for years. Now I started to work with Evernote Business in a small team. And to my great surprise I noticed: Evernote is not a collaboration tool. In a setting where everyone has a prepared note with agenda and additional information for a meeting, only one person can use this note do add content, decisions taken and tasks. The other users cannot edit the document. Even worse: We cannot agree on one person taking all the notes, because Evernote constantly blocks a
  2. Using Evernote Business with a small team, this is not a necessity for us. But no user groups for a collaboration tool?? This is a top priority.
  3. Inspite of all the drawbacks, Evernote business is a great product making my life easier. One of the drawbacks is the lack of an option to search Personal and Business notebooks at the same time. Would be great to get the option to get a choise.
  4. Hi! First of all many thanks for Evernote Business, a great product making my life easier. I frequently switch between my personal notebooks and my business notebooks. Sometimes I get lost and look for a notebook, note or saved search in the wrong section. You already introduced the Light and Dark view for the sidebar. It would be terrific, if I could choose one for the sidebar of my personal account and the other for the sidebar of my business accont.
  5. Hi! First of all many thanks for a great product and making my life easier. Both in my personal and my professional notebooks I heavily use links to other notes. Sometimes I link from a personal note to a business note (and in rare cases vice versa). I think it would be great, if these links would be formatted in two different colors, one color for links to a business note, another for links to a personal note.
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