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  1. Well, a. I want absolute certainty that I am the only one with access to the information and b. I want to feel confident that prudent security measures are taken to prevent data loss in the event of a breach. That was my initial reasoning for contributing to this post. I've found the other applications which are purpose built also include a helpful and even proactive reflection component--such as a word cloud or look-back. Also, they can facilitate journaling prompts and mood/feeling check-ins. In general, journaling app developers can distinguish themselves apart from a solution which aims at capturing everything.
  2. I posted to this thread in 2014 and have been watching it since. Personally, I've moved on. My specific use-case was for journaling. After some consideration, I realize that Evernote is not a journaling app. Nor do I want it to be. I cannot enjoy the "search everything" feature in parallel with journaling. And I don't want to deal with workarounds to that conflict. For me, I am finding that I like having a dedicated journaling app and a dedicated "everything else" app (Evernote) is ideal. I use Penzu.com and Stigma for journaling/reflection. They are excellent as are other options available. And Evernote is still king knowledge collection and organization. In the more general sense, I second what aefla said in their recent post.
  3. Dear EN Team! I love EN! I would really like to use EN for things that I wouldn't want anyone else to read, like a private journal. A bit of extra security hear would really open EN up to new territory for me. In this, Search should not show results when the notebook is closed/locked (in fact, search doesn't need to work outside in with this notebook at all). Graciously, Tyler
  4. +1, please add EN Team! Love EN by the way. This would open EN up for new territory for me.
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