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  1. Please tell me where I would post a problem I'm having with pdfs being dropped from notes.  This is happening in Evernote Business, in Web, Window, IOS, and Android platforms.  I don't seem to be getting a response from Evernote Support, and I now have three users in my client's EBA that can not work - their EBA accounts have no attachments, and that's what they work with - the attached pdfs. 


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      For something that serious, I'd recommend contacting Evernote support

    2. Fabulous Filing Friends
    3. Fabulous Filing Friends

      Fabulous Filing Friends

      Did.  They find it "interesting".  Apparently it is a KNOWN PROBLEM  that the Evernote Windows "Client" has been dropping attachments.  Seems I'm at the very worst end of the continuum with several EBAs (six), each with many notebooks (+200) and crazy many notes (one upto 15,000 and growing daily), almost all of which have attached pdfs.  I don't think Evernote Business is meant to handle the volume of users etc that I am overseeing.  It's more an app to colourfully chat  in different fonts between teams of less than 10 users on four or so subjects. 

      While I wait for them to figure out how to handle the size of the resulting attachment file, I'll be researching something that can deal with this volume.  Unfortunately my client (as in customer, company paying for my time) had expected Evernote to be a business solution for electronic records management.  They've had to pay me for three full days this week while I chat with Evernote and troubleshoot Evernote's product. 

      Thus the hypnotic spinning sync wheel...

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