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  1. " you can append an email to an existing note if you put the title of the note in the email subject with a <space>+ after it." I did not know this! This may be sufficient for me I believe. Thanks!
  2. It would be updated content. As if I had directly edited the note, but the edits or changes came from a different program, and now that there are these changes, I want it to go in and replace the same-named note with the most current version. This is akin to a version controlled note. But that sounds far more complex than it needs to be. I know I can edit the existing note, but the idea is that the editing is coming from somewhere outside EN.
  3. I'm not sure I am following "what could go wrong". I think for tidiness I would like to only have 1 note by 1 name, instead of having multiple notes with the same name. Am I missing something as to why you don't see the value of what I want to accomplish?
  4. I've been searching for an answer, but have not found one thus far. With the use of the emailing, i would like to have notes replaced if possible. Let's say I have a note titled: My Email, and I later want to add more to it, or someone replied, or changed something otherwise. I want to then send this never version of the note by email, and have it replace the prior note version. I don't want to end up with multiple notes of the same or similar title. Is this possible in EN or out? (like filterize or other?)(i have spent a little time with filterize, but not extensively)
  5. So I got the Windows Beta client invite today. Installed on a Win10 machine (obviously), and it looks to me as if it is Electron based. So... I am going to take a stab that our soon to be released Linux client will also be the same Electron based app. Now, if we are dealing with electron, it will be a game of juggling multiple apps on our desktops based out of electron (for instance, Slack I use for work). Time to tune the carburetor.. i mean electron, for fuel/io efficiency! Excited for a native client!
  6. Hi friends. Just me chiming in. I am a long time EN user (paid as well). I am very much still interested in a full Linux Desktop client. Currently I use a combination of the various web apps and a windows installation on a different computer. But I just wanted to make my desire known that I'd love to see a full desktop client in the future! Keep up the good work!
  7. to a small degree, the name "Dashboard" is a bit misleading. It is not a feature, its a chosen way to optimizing what you already have, a tool, a method, per se. Have a look around in the forums and even Reddit for "Table of Contents", or "toc" This approach is something that has helped me and my ADD
  8. merman, you are correct. These "dashboards" are just notes with tables and careful formatting. I favorite the note, and on my phone I make a shortcut to it on my home screen. You're desire for notebook-links is the same as just about all of us. I'm sure it'll come eventually.
  9. Mine is certainly not the most fancy, but I created a ToC (table of contents) for my most frequently used notes. I use this on my android devices, web interface on Linux, and full client on windows and mac. When I built this, I opted for easy thumb scroll ability, so I made it narrow and long rather than landscape.
  10. I have been a linux admin and daily driver for 7+ years now. I have actually found the windows client to get in my way in the few times I have used it. But I am coming at this problem from the other direction. I think the web interface is fantastic! Now, I do like to have apps in their own window, if I use them frequently, so what I have done is setup a "Desktop Shortcut" with Chrome, and the web interface happily opens a isolated window using the web interface. Works great for me! I have found that in the "transition period" of moving from one OS to another, there are some thing
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