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  1. for me this does not happen every time. I have to restart Evernote when it does not appear. Even when it does, I sometimes get a long delay after I choose the template and it appearing, with the clockwork sun rays waiting icon. Somehow this new evernoter session is much slower and I run it on a 2020 iPad Pro 4th generation. I also have often (3 times today already) have a "note confict a copy of this note was made" error. seems like the Evernote servers are not functioning fast enough today. p
  2. I have been upgraded to Evernote 10, but somehow do not find the ability to use template. Can you please ADD URGENTLY the ability when creating a new note to chose a template to apply or at least once the note is created to apply an existing template. This was a KEY FEATURE and I cannot believe this slipped by.
  3. I have found in the useful https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828 Evernote help how to search for notes after a certain date: created:20151218 will return notes created on or after December 18, 2015. but does anyone know how to search for notes created after December 18,2015 and BEFORE December 31, 2015? I have tried various version of AND with no success, and "add search option" enables me to do various types of "BEFORE" but with only "this day", "this month" and "this year as options"... I would ever so grateful if anyone had found a solution and cared to share it.... thanks p
  4. I love Evernote and use it a lot to take notes within meetings. For that, I use a lot the buttons to add either a numbered list or a bullet list. What really makes me lose time when typing, is when I want to have a sublist, for example using bullets for main points and dashes for sub points, I have to use the submenu that is accessed using the A--- character. why do you force people to go though this submenu when there is space in the bar between the text of the note and the keyboard? see my two pictures for explanations. thanks. p IMG_0611 (2).jp2
  5. I love Evernote and find it incredibly useful. One thing that annoys me is that with the black border on the left of the app screen, it's not possible to read the time and the date. it works in note view but not on the main screen where the list of the recent notes are displayed. this is annoying because I often use this screen to type notes and when I want to check the time, I need to exit Evernote. check image below to see what I mean. top left hand corner, I see the date is 19 nov but what time?
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