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  1. Just to add. Even though above Activity Monitor screen says 'Evernote (not responding)' - the memory continues to climb.
  2. Same problem here!! 37GB and still climbing!! in just about 30 mins. Heating up... fan going crazy. Spinning beachball. Had to force quit on MacBookAir (2012). Starting a few weeks ago. It seems to start after I start a search. Otherwise, (adding, opening a note, amending etc seems to be fine. Help!! !
  3. Stuart G - thank you for starting this thread. It was the exact problem I had but just couldn't figure it out! I suspected it had something to do with EN but just couldn't identify the issue until I stumbled across your summary. My iCloud problem was compounded as I started to use offline Notebooks on 3 IOS devices recently. I had to do the following to clean things up on each device in order to regain iCloud storage space back: 1. Deleted EN and then reinstalled via AppStore. 2. Delete the existing Backup file then do a new Backup. (Just doing step 1.followed by perfo
  4. Hi, i am using an iPhone6 (don't think it has the "traditional clipper'... Also, I didn't 'email' anything to my EN meal address. Specifically, I was reading a wsj.com page in Reader Mode (ie. with ads removed) and then uploaded the page to EN. But when opening that page in EN, it came back with all the ads. Hope I am clearer. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? Cheers
  5. Hi, I tried the workaround (with Reader Mode) on an Iphone 6 (Safari). It didn't make a difference (same as if Reader Mode wasn't on). Tried on WSJ.com site. Hope the Simplified Article feature can be added to IOS devices. Cheers
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