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  1. I see how this works now. How does the User know where the focus of the keyboard input will be directed without tabbing around and discovering where the focus is? I must grab the mouse and click into the body area of the notes for this to work. Otherwise it moves the cursor from note to note. Or it moves cursor from beginning of line to end of line in the case of the the first line in the title. Ah, I see a third touch of the tab key and then the cmd-arrow keys will move the scroller of the body. OK got it.
  2. Hey! Thank you very much for taking the time to inform me and others!
  3. It would be awesome if all the keys on Apple's computer keyboards were supported. When I use Home key or End key in most any application with a document (such as a browser or word processor) the page will respond to these keys by displaying the top of the page or the end of the page respective. My work-around for a large document is to press page down 30 times or move the mouse cursor to the scroller and do same by dragging the mouse. And, I must say... great job by using a single authentication for the product and also the support forum. Very nicely done. Thanks for lis
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