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  1. I just rolled back to 6.5.4 because I did not have any others to roll back too. It had several feature failures but not as bad as 6.10. Where do you get older versions if you didn't happen to keep them locally?
  2. I solved the problem in my own way, discovered that I still had a copy of 6.5 and replaced 6.10 with that. Yay! Evernote breaks things that should not have been touched each release and never fixes them. Anyone know of list of things fixed in each release?
  3. I am setting up a new computer and ran into the same problem as Skezee. I could print with from the menu, but not ctl-P or shift ctl-P and even from the menu Preview takes you to file save as. I did reboot and restart with same results, will try again later today. I really have to have preview. I print a lot of notes with images and what you see on the screen is no where near what you see on the printer. Later: Checked again, reboot of Windows and restart of Evernote and its still the same, or another variation, Preview opens dialog for "Which application would you like to use for this a
  4. I just added a new account, a premium one at that expecting to be able to use the Web version and now I find out that I am forced to use the "new" Web Version, which will not work for me. Hey, Evernote! Have you ever sat down with your users to see what they need before you force something on them?
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