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  1. Granted you need a PC. However, I use Excel 2010. You don't need to use a subscription-based version of Office/Excel. And, the product will work with the free version of Evernote. There is also Nutrition data generated. I know this probably isn't that I'mportant for most people, but maybe it should be. Apart from the "professional" use (eg cafe owners), another use might be Nutritionists providing their clients with recipes (eg 50 easy to prepare recipes stored in the recipe folder that meet certain criteria such as low added sugar, low sodium). Clients can then plan their meals, and create shopping lists, without everything being so strictly structured.
  2. I actually agree with you gazumped. I'm not a "foodie", and I mostly cook so-called "boring" non-recipe meals. Last night: fish fillets (steam-cooked in foil in the oven), boiled potatoes and some greens. Didn't need some auto-generated shopping list to send to Evernote either! However, it is useful when you want to cook "something different" for dinner every now and then, and also for baking where quantities need to be more precise. And in relation to cooking "something different", the recipe system will generate ideas for you: suggest categories to look at, list all (category) cake recipes, pick a random recipe, and so on.
  3. At this stage it is only Windows based. However, it might be possible to produce a Mac version. To be honest, I don't know enough about the Mac version of Excel to know how feasible this would be.
  4. It's Excel based and NOT an app. It runs on a PC. Each Recipe file creates what I call a "compressed recipe". This is "bundled up information" on the recipe covering ingredients, amounts, nutrition info, categories, etc. The compressed recipe is approx 320 characters in length, and contained in a single cell. It is essentially the same a database record. You copy/paste the compressed recipe to other files, such as Shop (for meal planning and auto-creation of a shopping list) and Extras (for labels and costings). Evernote works from the Shop file. Open the Shop file, plan meals, and select the SHOPPING LIST worksheet to see the auto generated shopping list. Then, press the Shop button to send to Evernote. (Look under Features, Shop on the website to see a video on how Evernote is integrated into the recipe system.)
  5. So, after an email exchange today, Support suggested that I post a link to the product here. Note: the product is free until June 1st, just use the promo code chef101. At this stage, I'm really just after a small userbase so I can get some feedback. https://www.leorecipesystem.com/
  6. Thanks PinkElephant. I just upgraded to Premium. I'll contact support shortly.
  7. I have a product that allows meals to be planned, and a shopping list to be sent to Evernote from a PC. My problem is, I do not know how to go about informing Evernote of this product, without it being treated as SPAM. Could someone on Evernote staff contact me perhaps? I can forward details, allow with a promo code for a free download.
  8. Well, I haven't yet. But I think I know one way to do it. I looked at the code generated around each item when exporting a checkbox list, and simply wrote a formula to generate this code inside a single cell. My thinking is that the VBA script would simply grab this code from Excel as it executes. Anyways, assuming you have a column where the number of results could vary, you would have a formula that follows this structure, but is a lot longer: =IF(COUNTIF(B1,"?*"),"<en-note><div><en-todo checked=^^false^^/>"&B1,"")&IF(COUNTIF(B2,"?*"),"<en-note><div><en-todo checked=^^false^^/>"&B2,"")&IF(COUNTIF(B3,"?*"),"<en-note><div><en-todo checked=^^false^^/>"&B3,"")&IF(COUNTIF(B4,"?*"),"<en-note><div><en-todo checked=^^false^^/>"&B4,"")&IF(COUNTIF(B1,"?*"),"&nbsp;<br/></div></en-note>]]></content><created>"&TEXT(NOW(),"yyyymmddThhmmssZ")&"</created><updated>"&TEXT(NOW(),"yyyymmddThhmmssZ")&"</updated><note-attributes><author>"&PLACE a CELL REF CONTAINING YOUR USERNAME HERE&"</author></note-attributes></note></en-export>","") Then in another cell, use the formula =SUBSTITUTE(CELL WITH ABOVE FORMULA IN IT,"^^","""") to replace the ^^ with "" Assuming you had Cat is cell B1 and Dog in cell B2, this would be the result (a perfect match for what Evernote generates): <en-note><div><en-todo checked="false"/>Cat<en-note><div><en-todo checked="false"/>Dog&nbsp;<br/></div></en-note>]]></content><created>20160318T070813Z</created><updated>20160318T070813Z</updated><note-attributes><author>leonard.xxxxxx@gmail.com</author></note-attributes></note></en-export>
  9. Is it possible to format the excel data in such a way it is imported in Evernote not as a table, but as an editable check list? Eg: <> To do item 1 <> To do item 2 <> Etc
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