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  1. Well, I haven't yet. But I think I know one way to do it. I looked at the code generated around each item when exporting a checkbox list, and simply wrote a formula to generate this code inside a single cell. My thinking is that the VBA script would simply grab this code from Excel as it executes. Anyways, assuming you have a column where the number of results could vary, you would have a formula that follows this structure, but is a lot longer: =IF(COUNTIF(B1,"?*"),"<en-note><div><en-todo checked=^^false^^/>"&B1,"")&IF(COUNTIF(B2,"?*"),"<en-note><div><en-todo checked=^^false^^/>"&B2,"")&IF(COUNTIF(B3,"?*"),"<en-note><div><en-todo checked=^^false^^/>"&B3,"")&IF(COUNTIF(B4,"?*"),"<en-note><div><en-todo checked=^^false^^/>"&B4,"")&IF(COUNTIF(B1,"?*"),"&nbsp;<br/></div></en-note>]]></content><created>"&TEXT(NOW(),"yyyymmddThhmmssZ")&"</created><updated>"&TEXT(NOW(),"yyyymmddThhmmssZ")&"</updated><note-attributes><author>"&PLACE a CELL REF CONTAINING YOUR USERNAME HERE&"</author></note-attributes></note></en-export>","") Then in another cell, use the formula =SUBSTITUTE(CELL WITH ABOVE FORMULA IN IT,"^^","""") to replace the ^^ with "" Assuming you had Cat is cell B1 and Dog in cell B2, this would be the result (a perfect match for what Evernote generates): <en-note><div><en-todo checked="false"/>Cat<en-note><div><en-todo checked="false"/>Dog&nbsp;<br/></div></en-note>]]></content><created>20160318T070813Z</created><updated>20160318T070813Z</updated><note-attributes><author>leonard.xxxxxx@gmail.com</author></note-attributes></note></en-export>
  2. Is it possible to format the excel data in such a way it is imported in Evernote not as a table, but as an editable check list? Eg: <> To do item 1 <> To do item 2 <> Etc
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