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  1. Ugh..... Evernote, can I please go back to the legacy version? Every time you add (or return a feature!), you take something away - especially features that have been there since the beginning of time! Why remove our ability to add custom colors? Why? We build our organization systems around the features you offer and then you remove them - and charge us more money! Ok...so, how do I go back to the legacy version??
  2. From their support “We recognize that there are some scenarios where using an older version is necessary or desired. You can download the Evernote Legacy app by following the instructions in this Help & Learning article: Install an older version of Evernote.”. Again, I downloaded the Mac version and I’m back in business. I will not upgrade again until this feature is added back.
  3. Evernote support sent me a link to downgrade the desktop app. I did so and it works. I am soooo happy to have that feature back. It was a deal breaker. I’ve been told they plan to add that feature back but do not have a time frame. Try again.
  4. The recording feature is the ONLY reason I use this app! I pay the premium pricing.
  5. Yes, same here. If someone can help us find the old version with this feature, that would be great.
  6. ugh...... this is horrible news. I pay for the premium account because it has this feature. Critical to my workflow. Now I need to figure out how to download all my hundreds of notes and import them elsewhere. I can't use this platform without it. So so so disappointing.
  7. So, I found evernote .wav files in my iTunes app. Deleted them (I didn't want them.) Restarted Mac - tadaaaa! The message is GONE. Has not appeared since. (I would get the message when switching between my accounts.) Try that and see if that takes care of your problem. It's all i got....
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