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  1. I have given up in trying to sort the notebooks in my tickler stack to implement the revolving feature of a tickler file. Besides the leading special characters sort differently between iOS and Windows. So I have ended up with two sets of notebooks in my tickler stack with the following naming conventions - D01 thru D31 for the Day set and M01 January thru M12 December for the month set. Adding the month name may be redundant but I do not claim to be the smartest chimp on the planet. Per someone's suggestion I can use the shortcut feature to daily process the appropriate notebook and then change the shortcut to the next day. So much easier to move the pointer than messing around renaming ALL the notebooks. The shortcut becomes the visual reminder of the last time the tickler file was updated. Same goes for the month notebooks I only have to do one shortcut change at the EOM (End of Month). Someone also suggested I look into the IQTel app. I have done so and have started to use it for my GTD processing. Super tight integration - the best I have seen yet. Love their email macros for automatic GTD integration. As the OP on this topic I want to thank everyone who participated especially those who had positive suggestions. My hat is off to the person who made the IQTel suggestion. Without your suggestion I may have never stumbled upon this app on my own. The most dangerous thing in life is not knowing what you don't know. I was not able to answer everybody's specific questions. You guys deluged my mailbox. Thanks again and as the OP I am calling this topic closed. Jerry - jerry.schneble.me
  2. Duh! I've used this method before but somehow I was thinking of something with more resolution. We'll here goes. My system is not written in stone. I am still torn between David Allen's notebook approach and TSW's tag approach. The attached screenshot is a single notebook approach with everything controlled by tags. If text is to small I could break the map into multiple images.
  3. Thanks. I assumed that the P referred to poster but the O baffled me.
  4. I have my workflow system in a mind map on my iphone. Have not figured out how to post from my iPhone to the forum. Hate that Apple does not let you have direct access to the devices file system. The only easy files to get access to are photos. Will post once I figure out how. Not familiar with the abbreviation OP. Please excuse my ignorance. Normal convention and courtesy is to define all abbreviations on first use. I put the definition in parentheses after first use. Making assumptions in any context makes an Ass-U-Me. ? Jerry - VegDetroit
  5. I know everybody says not to set up Evernote like a physical file system. However in a tickler system there is a relationship between the notebooks and it is shown by the position in the stack (how it is sorted). I have a stack called "Tickler File" which has 31 Day notebooks and 12 Month notebooks. Currently I have to use the arcane method of prefixing the notebook names with special characters. It took me quite awhile to find a set of characters that worked both on my iPhone 6+ and my Dell laptop running Windows 8. To reset the positions in the stack I am forced to edit ALL the Day notebooks on a monthly basis and the 12 Month notebooks on a yearly basis. All because there is NO CUSTOM SORTING OPTION. When in edit mode (on IOS) you should get the standard 3 bar icon to drag and drop the notebook in its new position in the stack. How hard can that be to implement. I have been programming over 50 years - all you need is an intermediate set of pointers. SURE WOULD MAKE EVERNOTE A MORE VALUABLE APP AND WOULD INCREASE YOUR SALES. I WOULD PAY FOR PREMIUM IF YOU WOULD IMPLEMENT. Custom sorting would be nice for Shortcuts also so the user can control what is displayed in the preview window.
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