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  1. I run EV Desktop on 3 different Windows 7 PCs. On two of them, I still use EV version, which is the oldest version that supports the newer certificate for syncing. On the 3rd desktop, I run the latest version of EV, which has been frustrating. Some of the niggles have been fixed like losing focus. However, the hyperlink context menu in the newer version drives me crazy. In the older version, if I right click on a hyperlink and select copy, the copy buffer contains the actual hyperlink which I can paste directly into a browser. With the new version, the copy buffer contains rich text, text + hyperlink, which *cannot* be directly pasted into a browser. The workaround is to select 'Edit' from the hyperlink context menu, copy the link, and cancel the edit, kludgey at best.
  2. V6.7.4 introduced large, mandatory left, right, and top note panel margins. This takes up valuable screen real estate and obfuscates where the real text edges exist which used to be against the edges of the window.
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