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  1. Being able to PIN or ANCHOR a note to the top of a notebook or a notebook is priceless. I use the "Table of Content" feature constantly but we really need that table of content to stick to the top of the notebook, otherwise we will end up searching for the table of content within hundreds of notes. Imagine having the table of content of a book on page 231 Yes, I know I can always use the search feature to find it, but evernote is not about a good solutions, Evernote is about excellent solutions. Please give serious consideration to this feature, I will make Evernote even more powerful. If you want to know how that is done in terms of programing, ask the people at HighRise CRM, they did it recently for their soft. recently and users are sooooo happy. NOTE: I have been an evernote user since year one - This is the first time I request a feature.
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