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  1. I get what you're saying but 50 words is not enough: I ran out of space after a coupe of sentences and lost what I was typing. I'm not asking for a monster scratch pad, just ones that's large enough to hold a few notes. I think the concept is great otherwise.
  2. I was quite excited about the new scratchpad .... up until the point where I was typing away and my input was lost because you only allow 300 characters of input. I get that you want people to convert to note for prosperity but 30-60 words is miserly. Please at least let me actually fill the scratch pad space up!!!
  3. +1 for this issue. App links stopped working since v10 release. I mostly use them from Things 3 as part of my regular task workflow. Within Evernote they're OK. I can use the dialogue box to "open with..." Evernote, but have to change the application filter from "Supported" to "All" for this to work, and the setting does not persist. I'm on 10.6.9 now
  4. Hi, It's a single note. I believe it was triggered when I moved some (struck out) text from a bullet list to elsewhere in the document. Feels like the sort of thing where HTML can get out of whack if a starting and closing tag get out of order.
  5. Next instalment in my "why don't simple bullets simply work" series. I have a note where whenever I add a new bulleted list, any new bullets (via new line) are created struck out. No amount of converting the text segment to plain text and trying again sort this out. Video attached shows this quirk in its full glory. Screen Recording 2019-02-12 at 11.11.22.mov
  6. I do a lot link copying as I like to hyperlink notes together. Of late, the editor has decided to start randomly picking a different note to link to than then one requested. Can't figure out the pattern, but often the link that's copied is the note that it's being copied into. Screencast attached: first few links are OK and then the last one's are wrong. Version 7.6 (457299 App Store) Editor: 59.0.7031 (d523909) Screen Recording 2018-12-05 at 10.16.19.mov
  7. Good news -- this appears to be much better in the just-out-this-week 7.5 version for Mac. Thanks @EverNote
  8. I note that doing exactly the same on the web interface works perfectly.
  9. ...and has been for ages. Increasingly frustrated with the most basic editing functions not working as expected even in a brand new "plain note". As a general rule, I'd expect that cutting something and the pasting, without moving the cursor, would get you back to where you are but when working with bullets that's not the case. All I'm doing is using down/up arrow and shift to select a bullet, cmd-x to cut, cmd-v to paste it back and it's now corrupted with a vertical line space after the bullet that won't go away. Same if try and move anything around in a bulleted list. Attached is a quick video demonstrating this. Love you guys and I know it's not, you know, up there with the colour of the elephant in terms of priority, but would be great if one day working with bullets in Evernote wasn't so painful. bullets.mov
  10. OK sorry, when I say "restore" I mean import a previous version. I'm saying "Restore" because that's why I wanted the previous version. Just don't understand why it needs to go in brand new notebook every time that then needs to be deleted. And while the backup format may be missing that information the UI for this is launched from an existing note so that information is available by definition. Wouldn't be so concerned if undo reliably worked (I just had a table get overwritten by mistake and undo refused to reinstate it) but that's a separate issue.
  11. Hi Ed, I'm specifically referring to restoring previous versions of an existing note, via Note > Note History... > Import.
  12. After years of using Evernote I've yet to encounter a situation where I wouldn't want to restore a previous version of a note to the notebook where it currently exists. Why then does the restore interface default to creating a new notebook with no option to do otherwise? What is the mysterious use case for creating the note in its own special notebook? Can we at least have an option to not create a new notebook? I'd trade that for having the option of whether the new notebook should be local or synced (who cares - it'll be deleted in the next minute anyway!)
  13. Ah I'd tried that beforehand and it hadn't helped so perhaps in some cases it's a combination of both the above AND clearing LocalStorage that's needed to get things working again.
  14. I thought the previous version of clipper was fun enough (constantly being asked to sign in, suggestions to "why not clip this PDF" on every single PDF opened) but it's now not working at all. When I click the evernote button a new tabs opens and ends up at URL www.evernote.com/ClipperSuccess.action?canClose=true&login=true This quickly closes leaving me back on the page I wanted to clip but nothing else happens. I've already tried reinstalling the extension (now on 6.11), restarting browser, clearing all evernote cookies/local storage. Update: This was resolved as follows: Uninstall the Evernote Web Clipper in Safari by navigating to Safari > Preferences > Extensions > Evernote Web Clipper and choose Uninstall From the menubar, choose Safari > Clear History and choose All History > **Clear History On your keyboard, press ⌘ command + ⌥ option + esc simultaneously, then select Safari and choose Force Quit Restart your Mac Open Safari and install the Evernote Web Clipper from www.evernote.com/webclipper If prompted to choose between installing the extension from the Safari Extensions Gallery or directly from the developer choose Install from Developer. Navigate to Safari > Preferences > Extensions > Updates to ensure you have the latest version of the extension installed
  15. I save a lot of pages as bookmarks using the MacOS Safari webclipper. For the last few months about 1 in 20 of these results in error "Cannot Save Clip" with no further explanation. All tagging and remarks are lost and the only way around this is to save as another type e.g. article. This is repeatable for specific URLs such as http://www.pangeabrands.com/products/death-star-popcorn-maker (but not other pages on the same domain e.g. http://www.pangeabrands.com/collections/lucas-films/products/darth-vader-immersion-blender -- go figure) and has been confirmed as repeatable by Evernote Support also, so it's not just me. As of yet no fix in place. It would be good to know at least the reason this happening (a specific URL pattern perhaps?) to avoid having to play data loss roulette every time use the clipper.
  16. Not getting that at all. If I open the homepage in private mode it shows, so I reckon they've dropped a cookie or something on me that means I now only see a non-customer view. Just thought they'd like to know they have an issue for some customers here.
  17. On Mac Safari at least, the Evernote homepage (www.evernote.com) is missing links to sign in / help etc for existing users. I'm guessing/hoping that's not intentional. Screenshots attached.
  18. Good shout -- it hadn't occurred to me that the auto format version would work differently to the keyboard shortcut! I have now turned off Auto Formatting. Hopefully the EN team are listening as we shouldn't be having to avoid or disable functionality to work around issues like this.
  19. I used to love using [ ] to add checkboxes in notes but the feature is so erratic now. Example, using a completely blank note: Type "erratic" Move cursor in front of erratic and type "[ ] " to insert a checkbox. Checkbox inserted and a line break added for no reason Move cursor in front of "erratic" and hit delete. Line break goes away but the list is now unstable. Hit enter again and the "c" is removed from the end of erratic, when the cursor was nowhere near it. For bonus points if you do this in any sort of table, then you can't get rid of the extra line break at all. So basically can't add checkboxes to existing lines of text without causing issues.
  20. This is true. I try and avoid opening notes in new windows given that they work fine inline and I don't like multiple note windows open, but maybe that's just me. If only could "Open note in new tab..."
  21. Example of current behaviour that doesn't work well: Search for BANANA Note SHOPPING LIST found Start editing that note Cut BANANA from the list, in order to paste it elsewhere in the note. A seconds or two later the note disappears from search results in left pane, and from editor in right pane Now have to find the note again, using another term, taking care not to lose what's in the clipboard while doing so While that's a trivial example, when moving large blocks of less monkeyish text around in a note this can be really disconcerting. I'd expect the note to stay in the search results until at least editing has finished, and probably until the search results were manually refreshed. Thanks
  22. Hi, Unfortunately not -- this is an issue with v7.17 which was supposed to have fixed the offline issues in 7.16. I can browse my offline notes but they're not accessible via search results.
  23. Steps to reproduce Search for a key word in a note known to be in an offline folder Click the title of the note under "suggested notes" Message "No Internet Connect: Download this notebook...". Download notebook toggle is already set to Yes. BUT go to the notebook directly, click on the same note, and the note opens offline without issue. So would appear to be an issue with search results screen rather than offline sync itself. iPhone 6 / iOS10 / EN v 7.17.1
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