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  1. I still wait for the loooong waited RTL support for all evernote apps. Why we can't have a right-to-left button in the note editor? I have over 50 users between my Arab friends who are looking forward for this. Some of them stopped using evernote because without this, writing notes in Arabic/Farsi/Hebrew is useless.
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    Higher Ed Academic Tagging

    As a student in the Islamic Seminary I use a workflow that I think may be of use to those who study religion or preaching or just would like to collect notes and clips regarding personal issues. On that I rely heavily on tagging system. Because I speak three languages and collect notes in these languages, so I have three main tags for each language. You can focus on the English one. So first of all, any note I write I keep in mind for whom I would like to use it later. So will it be useful to youth? or children or women? etc ... And also in what Form i
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