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  1. Johnson: I'd highly recommend learning to use a good old fashioned pen and notebook for science/math courses. During lecture, you need to be thinking about the content and context rather than trying to record/typeset information. There's some sort of intangible connection between drawing something by hand and understanding its context/meaning. You can go back at home and transcribe to Latex/evernote/etc. Just my $0.02 as a professor to a student.
  2. Being a LONG time TeX/LaTeX user (since 1987) and have writing & published >100 papers, 2 books, and a PhD Thesis, mostly all written in Latex, I don't think you're going to get an Evernote/LaTeX mix that's going to be perfect and make everyone happy. I've experimented a lot with the various offerings and I usually simply return to using stand-alone LaTeX and sharing the resulting PDF. MathJaX is very nice, is used on a number of Blogs, is used by a number of Physics/Math journals for HTML versions of papers. Some ideas for the developers to chew upon. adopt a "cell"
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